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Scenario A - Prioritise public transport, walking and cycling in the central city

Reducing speed limits and re-prioritising key central city streets for walking, cycling, and public transport makes travelling by bus quicker and creates a safer and more attractive environment for people on foot and on bikes.

Scenario B - Improvements in Scenario A, plus: better connections to the east and south

An extra Mt Victoria tunnel and separating east-west traffic from other movements at the Basin Reserve would deliver faster and more reliable public transport connections to the south and east, and allow mass transit from the railway station to Newtown and the airport. This would also make it easier for everyone, including people walking and on bikes, to get to and from the southern and eastern suburbs.

Scenario C - Improvements in Scenario B, plus: less conflict with traffic and redevelopment opportunities in Te Aro

A new city tunnel would remove much of the conflict between people walking and on bikes and traffic travelling through Te Aro. It would also make bus travel more reliable. It would reduce traffic on Vivian Street and Kent/Cambridge Terrace, and provide redevelopment opportunities, including new buildings and public spaces above the tunnel.

Scenario D - Improvements in Scenario C, plus: better access from the north, and less waterfront traffic.

Building an extra Terrace Tunnel would improve access to and from the north and reduce traffic on the waterfront quays and through the central city, making it easier to get to and from the waterfront.